Posted on November 18, 2021 by Joachim Desroches

“You know what?” he said, “It’s pretty funny actually. I spent my whole childhood admiring the Dragons, and idolizing the Dragon Guard who kept the peace in our streets and everyone safe and all. No one ever told me that it is not our interests that lay at their hearts, but greed. That lie is one of the Dragon’s greatest victories over mankind, maybe the greatest. Instead of fighting us for our gold, our work, our time, they use words, simple words, and we fight and repress ourselves, give them our gold willingly, leave every morning happy to do a work that destroys us. And in order to discover all of that, all I had to do was unearth one old song in a forgotten library… And meet you. You don’t think it’s funny ? I mean, look at us now. Hiding in this damp, smelly place, hunted by Dragon and Human alike, branded dangerous because of our thoughts of freedom, of independence…”

He trailed off and remained silent for a few moments, staring at her across their little fire. “…of love.” he finished in a half-whisper, reddening. At this, her head which had been bowed deep in her cowl snapped back up, and she shot him a long, hard look. Then her features softened and broke into a light, shy smile for a fleeting instant before she smoothly rose. As she climbed the tree they were camping under, she told him “You should sleep. I’ll take the first watch.”, and he could hear that smile still in her voice.