[WIP] Burns

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Joachim Desroches

This is still a work in progress. I’ve uploaded the beginning of the Song because it’s a nice teaser, but you’ll probably have to wait a while before the actual adventures pop up…

In the beginning ideas were
Upon themselves reflecting
And upon one another.

Henceforth came matter, reality
Places and structures, and concepts
Into living entities.

Of four of these I thee will tell
For this world they most shaped
Hark to their story!

Of the West came Dwarves
Thinking of gears and wires
Thinking of iron and stone
Close brothers of matter.

Of the East came Elves
Thinking of abstractions and words
Thinking of logic and dreams
And magic they discovered.

Of the South came Men
Thinking of building and destroying
Thinking of love and of hate
The empire builders.

Of the North came Dragons
Thinking of greed and corruption
Thinking of treachery and violence
Ever after seeking dominion.

The Song of Beginnings